Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last week the Blind Side took a little field trip to visit our good friend, and fellow visionary, Joshua "SPAR" Esparza.

We had a great time touring the Spar Art Studio, his paintings are always enlightening, inspirational and very colorful. To bad time flies when your having fun, so the city of Austin rewarded us with a parking ticket. We imediately went to the Austin Municiple court to get it dismissed, unfortunately we waisted time because the meter was actually 3 minutes expired.

Here is a peak of his private studio in downtown Austin. Keep posted we'll have info of his upcoming art show November 20th - 21st.

Spar Thanks for having us, its always enlightening. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and keeping us motivated.                                       -Mr Siegoe

Check out more of his art work at

So to recap... our trip to Spar Art Studio and parking $1.00, early payment for ticket $20.00, hanging out with the Spartan, priceless!

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