Friday, July 10, 2009



   Alamo City Tattoo Convention

It was a rough start, not at all like the last expo. There was some unprofessional behavior attempting to distract us, however we did not let petty games interfere with our business. Despite the stress, the next two days were great. 

People were mainly requesting small tattoos. But sometimes good things come in small packages. 

Coincidentely, most of our clients were military soldiers on break, so they were a priority. 
We also had the honor of meeting some exceptional artists such as Jose Lopez and all the guys from Lowrider Tattoo, Bob Tyrell, and Paul Booth. Another privilege was meeting and befriending Jack Rudy and the artists from Good Time Charlie's TattooLand.
The big highlight of the convention however, was watching Mr. Siegoe get his very first tattoo by  veteran artist  Antonio Mejia of Good Time Charlie's TattooLand. 
Antonio and Mr. Siegoe collaborated on the design of his tattoo, the name of his son,"AmadoR". 

Overall it was successful and we enjoyed the networking experience. We look forward to seeing our new clients at the shop. Keep in touch guys.
                                                                      -Blue Genie