Thursday, December 3, 2009


For those who don't know, 
We proudly introduce the official BLIND SIDE TATTOO, trademark 
 "The Blind Sider" aka  "The Blind Guy"
recreated in By Mr Siego 2009

Creation and Evolution of the Blind Guy

The character represents my nick name "Siego" (ciego) meaning blind in spanish. The name was given to me due to very poor vision and complications after eye surgery. The sketch was created in 2004 after the idea was given to me by my best friend Ndeo.  The character debut on my first business card, designed by Ndeo and was ment to be all blue but was misprinted in purple.

Anyone with an old Mr Siegoe or BlindSide Tattoo card feel free to compare.

To see more of Mr Siego and Ndeo logo collaboration visit
Check out their recent collaboration on the Constant Threat album

Full color prints of the BLINDSIDER are now available at
Blind Side Tattoo Studio
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Austin Tx.78704
512 4425463
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Full color T-Shirts of the "OFFICIAL BLINDSIDER"
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