Monday, May 30, 2011

Border Ink Tattoo Expo 2011 / Patients young Blindsider!

 Apprentice Comeks Camarena getting his back blasted by Mr. Siego to grab some attention.

Chopping it with some homies over some fajitas, beans, rice and home made tortillas.

The homie Blaiz from High Point Tattoos in El Centro, CA sporting a BlindSide Shirt.
Check him out  at

Day 2

 We finally got the attention we wanted on Day 2 and I was fully booked for Day 3

Huero Bird wins First Place Black and Grey!

This the tattoo in progress on my new homie Eddie Balderas.

Comeks finally getting to enjoy himself after 2 days of torture. 

I took a break from tattooing all day and noticed I was left alone for quite sometime I found the BlindSiders snuggled up in a dark room hungover from previous nights after party.

Once again we had a lot of fun hanging with other tattoo artist and learning the tattoo business a little more.  Patients paid off, we brought back a 1st place award, established a friendship with a few new clients and one that will be continuing his sleeve at the BlindSide. 

We'll be back...

Thursday, May 19, 2011