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Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo 2011

 Day 1...


Day 2
We were all so busy tattoo that many pictures got away. 
Keep posted we may find more.

Day 3... Judgement Day 

Wisdom and I still can't get a break.

 the BlindSiders rub elbows with big wigs.

Ghetto Bird and Gil Monte

Victor Fuentes and Gil Monte

Blue Jeanie with big shot tattoo artist Gabe Vasquez

V Fuentes with 2 Mad Huero, we met him last month in Austin. He has his whole body tattooed, VF only has his upper body in progress so natural took second place to this guy. 
I guess he's second to none.

My new client and friend, Ettore', finally got the opportunity to show the judges his recent,
taurus and scropio tattoo.
We met Ettore' last year at this same show, he was interested in getting tattooed at the show but instead he decided to come to visit us in Austin and get tattooed by me in a more relaxed environment.

Snoopi and V. Fuentes showing there ink.

BlindSiders watching the judging, while wisdom and I are still Slinging Ink!

The highlight of the weekend was, "Victorious" Fuentes
taking 1st place Full body over 2 Mad Huero.
I guess he is  second to one, now. 

Keep an eye out we got it on video!

The judges said it was quality above quantity that claimed our prize.

I don't know if they really liked our work or were just  drunk, 
because I don't think they noticed my lack of ink.

Snoopi, 2nd place portrait,  Ettore' 2nd place large black and grey

Victor Fuentes
 1st place best/chest, 1st place large black and grey and 1st place best full body.

A big THANK YOU! to all the BlindSiders that came out to support, you all know who you are.
We couldn't have done it with out your help and your skin! -Mr. Siego


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Antonio Slingin' Ink Expo 2011

Mr.Siego and Wisdom will be tattooing at the 2011 San Antonio Slingin' Ink Expo, February 18th-20th! Call Blindside Tattoo Studio (512-442-5463) to make an appointment and get inked at the biggest tattoo convention in Texas!
Last year, at the 2010 San Antonio Slingin' Ink Expo, Britton won 2nd overall for best portrait and best black & grey tattoos for a portrait tattooed by Mr.Siegoe. So make your appointment THIS year and be the next winner with world-class art from Blindside Tattoo Studio.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February - Cold weather and Hot tattoos

The cold weather couldn't keep the ardent art collectors away during February and the artists at the Blindside got to do some truly inspirational, fantastic tattoos. Mr.Siegoe completed a 1/2 Marilyn Monroe portrait with 1/2 skull that is rendered in exacting detail. You can see the craftsmanship and pride that Siegoe takes in his craft with the attention to detail in this piece. Also, another session was completed for Fred Skanse's Creepshow tattoo. More fine detail was added to the Cryptkeeper's shroud and if you look very close you can read "Admit 1" in minute letters on the ticket in his hand.

Starting off the new year right

2011 started off with a bang as long-time client, Victor Fuentes, took home 2 awards at the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival here in Austin. Mr.Fuentes took 2nd for overall best tattooed male and 3rd for best overall back (not bad considering his back is still unfinished!). Britton (aka Snoopy) also took home the 3rd trophy for best overall black and grey and the judges told him that had he entered the Best Portrait contest he would've taken home 1st place overall. Blindside Tattoos plans to attend the Slingin' Ink Tattoo Expo in San Antonio in February of 2011 and possibly other shows in the region to be announced later.


1.09.11 Laura Skelding AMERICAN-STATESMAN Victor Fuentes (back) and 2maddhuero (front) show their tattoos during the contest portion of the Ninth annual Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival at the Palmer Events Center on Sunday. The event took place January 7th-9th, 2011. Fuentes said he goes "every week, once a week , for a year" to have his tattoos worked on by Mr. Siego.