Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 Last year I tattooed alone at the Alamo City Tattoo Show and ended the weekend getting my first tattoo. This year Wisdom was there to back me up and stopped me from getting tattooed again. J/K 

The weekend was a little slow but we made the best of it, we met new and interesting people and had a lot of fun!

Day 1

Coy fish by Wisdom    Angel Portraits by Mr. Siego (first session still in progress)

Our friend from Houston met up with is for his second session and had a photo shoot with 
Texas Tattoo Magazine

Day 2

Ms Jeanie sitting back watching Ms. Shorty seal the deal!

Wisdom doing what he does best.

Tribal Ying Yang by Wisdom

Wisdom taking a break and considering a new tattoo machine.

Wisdom hard at work and everyone else sitting there looking pretty.

Day 3

Script Tattoo by Mr Siego

Victor Fuentes showed up and some how got himself into my tattoo chair. I just cant shake this guy he's everywhere.

, Luar of Ancient Ink and Jack Rudy of  Good Time Charlies Tattoo Land, this guy some  how talked me into a tattoo last year.

Before and After  
Cover up and Blue Ribbon by Wisdom, on our new friend Tea Santos,
 owner and operator of Speed Date SA

Fortunately we were too busy to get photos of other tattoos walking around the show, unfortunately I got to see this one in person.... BIG NASTY


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Aztec Warrior- Cuauhtemoc

click on image to enlarge
Tattoo by Mr Siego

Our friend and official BlindSide barber Gabriel G, wanted represent his heritage by 
getting a tattoo of, Jesus Helguera's, 1948 original painting "Cuauhtemoc".

 If you might be interested in getting a tattooed version of his painting feel free to email me at
If you would like to know more about the artist and his amazing work click on the following links. 

Click on "Cuauhtemoc" for a little mesoamerican history.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

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