Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr. Siego sponsored by Hush Anesthetic Gel at the 16th Annual South Florida Tattoo Expo 2011

We touch down in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and we already took over.

Why not?

South Florda Tattoo Expo on a golf course, this shows gonna be good.

Another Victor Fuentes Friday.

Painless tattooing with Hush Anesthetic Gel


Quick Fix by Mr. Siego

We tried our best to save this one.


Comeks Camarena gettin down 

Comeks and V Fuentes Getting up! 

Classic Old English with a slight twist by Comeks Camarena

Victor Fuentes back piece ready to competition and painless with HUSH

 Mean while Mr Siego and Ndeo gettin  up!
Infamous Ndeo The BlindSider and Victor Effin Fuentes

Mr Siego with Ubi of Hush Anesthetic Gel 

The competition is tough...

Next coming to the stage...

Mr. Siego hardly working as usual.

Our friend Sharon came to get her wings tattooed by Mr. Siego

To the Victor go the spoils.
But he wasn't alone...

He was actually 2nd to our friend and client Ettore for 1st place Large Panel tattoo.
Taurus tattoo by Mr. Siego

Victor Fuentes says BlindSide Tattoo Studio is #1 with Hush Anesthetic Gel

6 awards total, 5 for Victor and 1 for Ettore
Mr. Siego took the most awards by single artist and client in this show.
Unfortunately we were skipped in few categories or we might have taken more.

Florida was a lot of fun and a great experience. 
Thanks for the invite and sponsorship by, HUSH anesthetic,
our clients can no longer go on without you.
A special thanks to Ettore and Sharon for coming to see us.
We couldn't have done it without  any of you and we will definitely be back in January. -Mr. Siego


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