Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bringing Them Back to Austin


 It is always our goal as a shop to build a relationship with our clients when given the opportunity. This enables us to create the ideal art for our client's needs and wants. During the Alamo City Tattoo Convention we met our friend Jay Amador. He approached Mr. Siegoe with an idea for getting his name tattooed inside of a cross. It so happens that Amador is also the name of Siegoe's son. With the chance to tattoo his son's name Siegoe wanted to make sure it was just right. He drew up a first draft of the tattoo at the convention but had more ideas for the letters. Not wanting to rush the tattoo or the creation of it Jay agreed to put down a deposit and travel to the studio in Austin to get inked.

A special thanks to Jay Amador for making the trip to Austin. Hope to see you again.
-Blue Genie

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